Eco Dynamic Solar Awning

Artpiece®. World's  First-Ever Rollable, Motorized Solar Solution

Artpiece® is the World's First-Ever Rollable, Motorized Solar Awning that combines solar power supply and sun protection awning for RV travel and camping. It's a full-featured solution that provides shading, solar, rain protection, and lighting. With its unbeatable combination of benefits, you can enjoy the perfect ambience on your next outdoor adventure.



With a high-efficiency solar cell technology, each unit can deliver up to 1400W output, providing the power you need for your RV appliances and devices.

With just a press of the button, these lightweight modules can be rolled up and extended in seconds. You can control them wirelessly from up to 20 meters away, providing ultimate convenience for your off-grid travel experience.

Artpiece® offers high water, UV, and chemical resistance, eliminating the need for traditional awning fabric replacements. Its strong aluminum frame arms can withstand heavy wind, making it a long-lasting investment.