GOWOW ORI Electric Motorcycle





All-terrain new energy motorcycle Orion

Orion ORI takes the name of Orion, the most magnificent constellation in the universe in the winter night, to summon the planet explorers' infinite imagination for future travel.

Strength to shape a new force, subvert your imagination of motorcycle

Riding, is exploring new possibilities ~

Adopting automotive-grade CAN communication system and combining multiple control algorithms such as FOC, MTPA and FW, Orion ORI achieves precise and sensitive control performance through repeated tuning by professional riders.

All-terrain new energy motorcycle Orion ORI adopts high-capacity lithium battery with customized BMS system to provide long battery life while ensuring safe and reliable battery usage environment.

The built-in high-efficiency electric solution customized for all-terrain driving and control scenarios brings users the ultimate driving experience with strong power and fast speed. At the same time, the patented shock absorption system with the exclusive four-link structure of the vehicle can maintain the grip in any scenario, including rain or shine and sandy roads.

Reasonable and efficient new energy power system

Customized PMSM motors

High-capacity lithium battery

Multi-algorithm controller

Braking System

Body and APP configuration intelligent power regulation system

BOOST burst

Use mode adjustment

Power curve adjustment

Kinetic energy adjustment

Gear Adjustment

GPS track record

Vehicle built-in GPS, record each ride, you can share new places to explore, also can study riding techniques with companions, statistical riding data, and discover your own riding characteristics


L*W*H: 74.8" x 30.7" x 43.3"


Seat height: 35"

Ground clearance: 11"


Maximum power: 9KW or 12HP

Max. torque: 310 Ft Pounds at the drive wheel end

Transmission system: 420HO chain

Battery capacity: 72V 38.4AH 2.8KWH


Brake:Four-piston one-piece forged caliper

Disc: Φ203 thickened

Front wheel shock travel:8.25"

Rear wheel compression travel:8.25"

Nimble and light

Riding triangle point

The body improves the ergonomic experience with pedals, seat height and handlebar riding triangle, enabling the rider to achieve a higher degree of control and maintain a high degree of flexibility.

Lightweight design of 161 Pounds

It becomes the best choice for riders of any size, weight, and different ages

Streamlined design body

Long shaped saddle that goes straight to the rudder tube position Creates a flatter, more relocated and thin modern feel to the seat

Compact design

Less bulging fuel tank at the front, less bulky water tank condenser, and 17% lower wind resistance in wind tunnel tests than a fuel powered motocross bike.

Lightweight and high-strength all-aluminum body

Lightweight aerospace aluminum alloy is used, which not only reduces the weight of the body, but also with the unique matte metallic design of aerospace aluminum alloy

Special texture

Under the corresponding electrolyte and specific process conditions, the effect of additional positive charge forms a thin layer of oxide film on the surface of aluminum alloy, which has a special texture.

Waterproof, dustproof and corrosion resistant

Aesthetically pleasing and at the same time highly resistant to corrosion, it can withstand the attack of rain, sand and dust on the body.

Strong grip easily cope with all kinds of terrain

GOWOW custom tire pattern, sunny days, rain, road sand, any scene can maintain grip.

Travel in any weather without hindrance

All core electronic components are designed with IPX7 grade waterproof, using automotive grade waterproof electronic connectors

GOWOW custom-developed shock absorber system

8.25" travel lightweight inverted front shock, 7 series aerospace aluminum material, preload and rebound damping multi-step adjustable. Rear shock compression and rebound multi-stage adjustable, with GOWOW newly developed four-link structure, the rear wheel jump travel up to 8.25", to help you meet the greater off-road challenges.